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Bazuka Extra Strength Gel

Bazuka Extra Strength Gel is a treatment for verrucas, warts, corns and calluses, suitable for use by adults, children and the elderly.

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More than one in ten people with a verruca or wart do not attempt to treat it.

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  • Clinically proven. No fuss, no plasters necessary.
  • Contain salicylic acid which gently removes the infected skin tissue - eliminating the virus.
  • The pain-free gel dries to form a water resistant, protective barrier to inhibit the spread of infection.
  • Bazuka Extra Strength Gel and Bazuka Extra Strength Treatment Gel offer the same benefits as Bazuka Gel but in a higher strength formulation, with over twice the amount of salicylic acid.

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For full details about Bazuka Extra Strength Gel, download the Patient Information Leaflet.

Download the Bazuka Extra Strength Gel Patient Information Leaflet

Can Bazuka gels be used by diabetic patients?
No. Bazuka gels are not suitable for use by diabetics or patients that have poor peripheral blood circulation.
Can Bazuka gels be used during pregnancy/breast-feeding?
Pregnant and breast-feeding women should ask their doctor or pharmacist before using any medicine.
Are there any age limits for using Bazuka gels?

Bazuka Treatment Gel, which can be bought in a supermarket, is not recommended for infants less than 2 years old. The treatment of children between 2 years and 12 years must be under the supervision of an adult.

However, Bazuka Gel and Bazuka Extra Strength Gel can only be bought from a pharmacy where you can confirm the diagnosis with the pharmacist. They can be used by adults, the elderly and children over 2 years. Children under 12 years should be treated by an adult, and treatment of infants less than 2 years is not recommended. In practice, very young children are unlikely to suffer from verrucas, corns or calluses until they are old enough to walk.

Particularly when treating young children, special care should always be taken to apply the gels carefully to the verruca, wart, corn or callus and avoid excessive use - which may cause irritation. Children's skin tends to be more delicate than that of adults.

Can you swim whilst treating with Bazuka gels?

Yes. When applied correctly and allowed to dry, Bazuka gels are formulated to provide an adhering water-resistant protective film. This is designed to simulate the role of an adhesive, waterproof plaster - helping reduce the risk of transmission of infection.

Verrucas are frequently contracted from treading on infected skin debris, typically on the floor of gyms, changing rooms, or swimming pool surrounds. So the risk of spreading infection is reduced if infected lesions are covered (by Bazuka gel film, sock or plaster), but can be completely avoided if the verrucas are properly treated and got rid of.

Can Bazuka gels harm a young baby if the mother is using it on her hands?
Once the gels have completely dried on the skin of the mother there is little or no risk of transferring them to the baby's skin, but hand contact with the baby's mouth and eyes should be avoided as a precaution.
Can Bazuka gels be used on warts on or near the face, armpits, breasts, bottom or genital (sex) area?

No. Bazuka gels are not suitable for use on the face or where there is skin-to-skin contact such as the armpit, breasts, bottom or genital (sex) areas.

In these cases a doctor should be consulted to confirm the diagnosis and if appropriate, recommend the method of treatment.

Can Bazuka gels be used on a wart with a hair growing out of it?
Hairs do not normally grow through warts, so the diagnosis has to be investigated. It is advisable to check with your GP.
How long can Bazuka gels be kept after they are first used?
The gels should be effective until the expiry date, as long as the cap has been tightly replaced and the tube stored at room temperature (not exceeding 25°C).
What should I do if Bazuka gels come into contact with the eyes?
If any gel accidentally gets into your eyes, contact a doctor or a hospital immediately, taking the tube of Bazuka gel with you for the doctor's information.
Have Bazuka gels been tested on animals to facilitate their licensing or marketing in Britain?
No. It has not been necessary to test Bazuka gels on animals in order to market them in the UK, as all the ingredients are already well established in pharmaceutical products.
Do Bazuka gels contain any animal derivative?
None of the ingredients of Bazuka gels are of animal origin.
Do Bazuka gels contain any nut derivative?
None of the ingredients of Bazuka gels are derived from any nut. In the unlikely event of signs of hypersensitivity, or if there is known sensitivity to an ingredient in the Bazuka gels, then you should stop application immediately.
Can Bazuka gels be used by patients with asthma?
Yes, although as a precaution, ensure the area is well ventilated during application. In the unlikely event of signs of hypersensitivity, or if there is known sensitivity to an ingredient in the Bazuka gels, then you should stop application immediately.
Can Bazuka gels be used by patients taking blood pressure tablets?
Yes, extra precautions are not necessary.
How much aspirin is absorbed from the Bazuka gels into the main circulation?
None. There is no aspirin in Bazuka. If in doubt about using any Bazuka treatment you should consult your doctor or pharmacist.
Can you use the Bazuka gels if you are taking Warfarin?
Yes, provided the gel is not used excessively.
If I am unsure whether I have a wart, verruca, corn or callus that is suitable for treatment with Bazuka gel, why is it important to ask a doctor or pharmacist?
There are some skin problems, although very rare, that can look quite similar to a wart, verruca, corn or callus. These require specialist treatment by a doctor.

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Bazuka Gel, Bazuka Treatment Gel & Bazuka Extra Strength Gel* are for the treatment of verrucas, warts, corns and calluses. Bazuka Extra Strength Treatment Gel* and Bazuka Sub-Zero are for the treatment of verrucas and warts. Always read the label. * Contains salicylic acid.
**IRI Infoscan, all outlets, Mar 2012 MAT unit and sterling market share.

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