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Flip flops

How to avoid warts and verrucas

Not all people are susceptible to the virus that causes verrucas and warts. We don't yet understand why this is the case - we know it has nothing to do with poor hygiene. When children share bathrooms that contain wart viruses, some of them will get verrucas, while others seem to be totally immune.

Here are some ways to help avoid getting verrucas and warts.

  • Check your children's feet regularly.
  • Try not to touch other people‚Äôs warts.
  • Don't share your towels, shoes or socks with someone who has a wart.
  • Wear flip-flops in communal showers.
  • Do not ignore growths on, or changes in, your skin.

And here are some things to remember if you do get a verruca or wart.

  • Cover your wart with a plaster or glove.
  • Don't scratch or pick your wart as it is more likely to spread.
  • Avoid direct contact with warts on other people or on other parts of their body.

There is no reason why you shouldn't take part in activities such as sports or swimming if you have a wart. It's a good idea to cover your wart with a plaster.

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