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Verruca and Wart Prevention

How to avoid verrucas and warts.

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Here are some tips that’ll help prevent you getting and spreading verrucas and warts:

  • Try not to touch other people’s verrucas and warts.
  • Don't share your towels, shoes or socks with someone who has verrucas or warts.
  • Wear flip-flops in communal showers.

What to do if you have a verruca or wart:

  • Cover your verruca or wart with a plaster or glove, or simply use Bazuka.
  • Wash your hands immediately after touching a verruca or wart.
  • Don't scratch or pick your wart as it is more likely to spread.
  • Change your socks daily if you have a verruca.
  • Take extra special care to avoid cutting a wart.
  • Avoid direct contact with warts on other people or on other parts of their body to avoid spreading.
  • Don’t bite your nails or suck fingers with warts on as this could cause spreading.

How to preventVerrucas and Warts

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Video Transcript

Verrucas and warts, your handy step-by-step guide.

Here’s how you can prevent getting and spreading verrucas and warts.

To avoid verrucas and warts do protect yourselves by wearing flip flops in communal showers. And if you do find a verruca or wart, treat at the first sign.

Here’s what not to do: don’t share towels, shoes or socks. And don’t touch other people’s verrucas or warts. If you do get a verruca or wart, make sure you cover it with a plaster or glove. And if you play sport, make sure you keep your verruca or wart covered. Use Bazuka Gel at the first sign of a verruca or wart, as it forms a water-resistant protective barrier, so there’s no fuss, and no need for plasters once treated.

And don’t scratch or pick your verruca or wart, as it is more likely to spread this way. Try not to touch other people with your exposed verruca or wart. Most of all, don’t worry, verrucas and warts are very common, and can be treated easily and effectively with Bazuka. For more information ask your pharmacist or visit bazuka.co.uk. Learn how to identify verrucas and warts in our first handy step-by-step guide.

There is no reason why you shouldn't take part in activities such as sports or swimming if you have a wart or verruca.

If treating with Bazuka gels there’s no need to cover your wart or verruca with a plaster, as Bazuka gels form a water-resistant layer which helps inhibit the spread of infection.

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