Bazuka sub zero freeze treatment

Bazuka Sub-Zero Freeze Treatment

Bazuka Sub-Zero starts working from the first application and works by freezing warts and verrucas to the core. Based on the cryotherapy method used by doctors, it's fast to use, and effective.

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Overview Product Description

  • A home use ‘freeze’ treatment for verrucas and warts, based on cryotherapy used by doctors and healthcare professionals.
  • Freezes the verruca or wart to the core from the first treatment - for a fast to use, and effective treatment.

How to use

Follow these simple steps

  1. Soak


    Soak the verruca or wart in warm water for at least 6 minutes.

  2. Dry & file

    2Dry & File

    Dry using your own towel to avoid spreading infection. After drying, gently file with an emery board or pumice stone.

  3. Assemble & Charge

    3Assemble & Charge

    Assemble the applicator so it’s ready for freezing. Place upside down on a flat surface and ‘charge’ the device by pressing down on the safety cap for 1 second. Remove device from cap while keeping cap held firmly on flat surface.

  4. Apply


    Immediately after charging, apply Bazuka Sub-Zero directly to the verruca or wart with a constant, light pressure for the time specified in the table below.

Determine your freeze contact time using this table

For young children (e.g ages 4 to 11) and/or those with delicate skin, a shorter contact time, of half the recommended number of seconds, may be advisable.

Lesion Diameter WART Contact Time
(less than 2.5mm)
10 seconds
(from 2.5mm to 5mm)
15 seconds
(larger than 5mm)
20 seconds
VERRUCA Contact Time
Table foot For verrucas on the toes and instep, use the same contact time as shown for warts, determined according to verruca size. For verrucas on the heel and ball of foot, contact time can be increased up to a maximum of twice the corresponding time shown for warts – i.e. depending on size, up to a maximum of between 20 and 40 seconds.
Area max. 20sec. Area max. 40sec.

For full details about Bazuka Sub-Zero Freeze Treatment, download the Instructions For Use Leaflet.

If you require a previous version of the leaflet (instructions for use) please contact us.

How to treatVerrucas and Warts
with Bazuka Sub-Zero

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One in ten sufferers left the verruca or wart for more than 12 months before treating.1

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  1. NEMS Omnibus for Bazuka April 2011